New Year’s Resolution Post for October 2021

I was hoping to have some Halloween content to go with this but unfortunately the weather was all gloomy and a real down pour during trick or treating. I’ve gotta give the kids in the neighbourhood credit however, they didn’t let it stop them.

This month was mostly work and self-reflection, some planning for 2022 and working towards Canadian Permanent Residency. Unfortunately it’s too early and/or personal to really share anything in this list at this time. I will talk about my experience going through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program at a later date, however.

The weather has become cooler, 4°C at night and 10°C during the day. We’re definitely seeing that fall to winter change start, no snow or ice storms yet. (Out west has had at least one already) We roll the clocks back next week, It’s going to be weird seeing the sunset before 5pm on Sunday.

Hopefully I can get a chance to ice skate and go to a hockey game this winter.

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