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My May New Years Resolution Post

This has been a kind of crazy month. I’ve been working on unpacking, preparing for my new work permit and trying to adapt to the current restrictions here. Toughest restrictions I’ve experienced since Covid-19 started, but not the toughest Nova Scotia has had.

I’ve slacked on posts here this month, haven’t even really touched the drafts even. Same for my journal too.
I’ve done more tinkering with digital modes on Amateur Radio and studying to upgrade my license. Honestly I’ve done more with the former.

This is the first post written with a new Surface Pro. I must say it was nice setting up outside, feeling the breeze and sun while typing on something that can run for a day on it’s batteries and waiting for the sunset.

Lastly, learning (read: playing) with my camera settings and figuring out how to take better shots. Here’s one from the new place.