Blog Update (New Years Resolution Post for Sept 2021)

I didn’t write a post for July or August. I was focused on navigating the Atlantic Immigration Pilot process, which will allow me to stay in Canada without having to worry about temporary permits all the time. I’ve been working a bit more too, a minimum of 61.5 hours a week (compared to 37.5 when I last posted)

I did migrate all my projects to a single server, utilizing LXC containers. I was expecting issues in migrating over the Asterisk PBX but surprisingly that went smooth. My real issues were a wordpress redirect loop and getting mastodon running a little more smoothly (still working on that one, thinking the redis cache needs some tweaks)

While it’s unfortunate that I broke my resolution, the point of it was to make enough of a commitment and see if I’d actually stick with it or not. Could I write content and maintain the server or would I lose interest? I’ve had enough changes between then and now that this doesn’t feel like a failure, I’m still writing posts (I have technical ones that came out of the migration work mentioned above, getting ironed out in the drafts folder too. Also some travel related ones, but they’re in bad shape. Not even close to publishing that set.) So I feel like the spirit of that resolution is still great, despite a few major things happening I didn’t quit.

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