New Years Resolution Month 1

I was hoping to have a little more to share for this week’s post. This week I got a little distracted with some major happenings in the news cycle and I’m also waiting for a few packages to arrive in order to write a few how-to articles.

I originally said that I would write once a week, I’m beginning to think that might have been either too ambitious or putting quantity over quality. I’m waiting for some parts to come in before I start working on some how-to articles. I’ve decided once a month is a better minimum, I can always go beyond that but my track record is barely twice a year right now.

I’m working on upgrading my ham license in order to get some privileges on HF. I’m not sure when I will be able to get on the air though, between the small apartment space and the cost of HF gear. It is slowly getting easier however with radios like the icom ic-7100 and the KX2 on the market. I hope that I can by Field Day, we’ll see. There’s too many goals already, I don’t need to add more for my hobbies too.

Look forward to a new style on the site in the coming months too!

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