Happy New Year 2021!

Since my last post I’ve been working, learning more about Splunk and starting on some plans for after Covid-19 and my current IEC permit. I’ve got some drafts that need more work before I can post them, I’m hoping to have new content weekly as one of my new years resolutions.

As I try to really reflect on this year, I notice all the changes I’ve gone through. I Went from working two jobs to just one and somehow being better off due to that. My visa application was accepted, then all the fun of figuring out how best to get a job and move started, a pandemic making that even more challenging. I feel for the LDR couples that are still separated during this crisis.

I’ve been working in my current role for four months now, which is starting to feel like stability again. I’d been nervous and not wanting to believe that anything could really be stable right now so this really is a major milestone.

See you all next year!

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