New Years Resolution Month 2

We’re finally getting some snow to stay for a week here. We had freezing rain yesterday and it’s still below freezing. Hopefully I can get some ice skates and take advantage of this soon.

Surprisingly it looks like Texas is having more winter weather than we are, even Mexico is having some cold days. I can’t say I was expecting that.
I’m hoping my friends in the affected areas are staying warm and safe.

I’ve got a few Amateur Radio parts I’m still waiting on, so I’ve not been able to start writing those posts yet. I at least am able to study for upcoming exams to upgrade my license class.

I’m a little over halfway through my current work permit in Canada, admittedly this is making me very nervous for what’s next. It’s truly too soon to say, so I’m trying to remind myself to have patience.

This past weekend My girlfriend and I volunteered to help with a Pop-Up Covid-19 Rapid Testing centre, I didn’t expect to be putting on all that PPE and actually running the tests myself. I also took a swab to the nose, it’s discomforting but not really painful.

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