My April New Years Resolution Post

When I originally set up this blog, I imagined having having several blogs going with different topics. This one would be my personal space & also cover personal technical projects. In the end I sat on this for months before I launched it. I kept wanting to tweak the theme, adjust settings on the backend to make it lighter & load faster. Then I wound up moving to another country and decided I needed to launch it and quit nitpicking on little details or it’d never happen.

In the end I scrapped the plans for most of the other blogs in order to really focus on this main one. I can’t really travel now, so why launch a travel blog? That’s oversimplifying the thought process involved a bit, but this is kind of what played out in my mind for every topic. I recognized there’s enough to justify posts about my Immigration here, but I’m no expert and not enough content to justify a blog dedicated to it. Finance, well I’m sure I can share what not to do, cause I’ve probably made the mistake at some point. Amateur Radio, Linux, Networking and similar can go here, personal projects for a personal blog.

One thing I’ve tried (and in one post already, failed) to do is avoid politics of all kinds, domestic (Canadian or US) foreign, office, tech community and (I imagine) more. I’ve already been too vocal on social media (and I do feel like I’m mild when compared to my friends) and at the same time I’m debating internally exactly how much I should keep to myself or when I should speak up.

I think all sides can agree that there’s too much crisis (even if there’s disagreements on whether certain events are a crisis and on knowing people on different sides of it too.) and for me that’s part of the problem I have trying to be silent, it’s become painful. That said I’m definitely going to be careful, as I don’t want to cause more hurt either.

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